I have been working as a mathematics teacher educator at Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) since 1998. I work with mathematics teachers and other educational practitioners to develop curricular and pedagogical visions that enable their own students to become critical, reflective, empathic, communicative and creative learners with a view to developing much needed attributes and competencies to act as critical and active citizens of their country and beyond. More so, I am keen on enabling teachers and teacher educators to foster creative pedagogies that offer spaces for their students to cultivate their agentic possibilities (e.g., moral, political, intellectual, and spiritual) so as to become cultural change agents for the increasingly complex and multi-polar world.

In order to achieve these research goals, I draw from, but not limiting myself to, Cultural Studies of Education, Philosophy of Education, Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Self Study, Writing as Inquiry, Auto/ethnography, Lived Philosophic Investigations and Creative Interpretive Epistemologies (CIE). Unsurprisingly, my teaching and research have been guided by the ideals of transformative education, a tradition that has manifold connections with the Eastern and Western intellectual and Wisdom traditions. My doctoral study (completed in 2009) has addressed the protracted problem of culturally decontextualised nature of mathematics education which un/wittingly prevents many school students from gaining full access to powerful mathematical ideas. With an emphasis on envisioning, I have developed a mathematics curriculum vision (curriculum as montage) to implement creative and innovative pedagogies that help students gain access to much needed mathematical skills and knowledge required for critical and active citizenship. You can browse an online version of thesis from the Curtin University Library.

This website will give some insights into my professional life as a university academic. Specifically, you can find synopsis of my scholarly publications (fulltext in some cases), my students’ theses/dissertations titles and presentations that I gave in several conferences. I have also been putting a separate website for the conference that I have been convening. If you want to be part of the transformative education research group @KUSOED, kindly visit the conference website http://tersd2018.kusoed.edu.np and/or send an email to bcluitel(at)kusoed.edu.np to get information about the conference and other opportunities.